Saving You Both Time and Money!

e-Pricebook advocates for consumers that want to take charge of their single-greatest recurring expense—groceries. Grocery stores reward your loyalty with pennies off their carefully controlled prices. At times, big retailers and manufacturers even offer 20% to 25% off.

If it’s within their power to do so, why can’t grocery stores offer fair prices every week, and not just as a special promotion?

At e-Pricebook, we want you to reward yourself, with best-price comparisons of local grocery stores so that you can find the best deals, and execute smart shopping decisions.

No Fair!
We’re not ones to whine, but fair is fair. We founded e-Pricebook after a light-bulb moment at the grocery store: Why are we paying more for less? Why the dramatic increase in the price of my favorite coffee when the size of the bag substantially shrinks? The cost of living (i.e. grocery prices!) is outpacing our pay raises, and something has to give.

It’s clear consumers need a resource at their fingertips to replace the spiral notebook that our grandparents used to track grocery prices. e-Pricebook automates comparison shopping, equipping savvy consumers with inside information the big grocery stores previously controlled.

Knowledge is Power at the Grocery Store
We want to empower e-Pricebook members with an efficient way to comparison shop, saving them time and money while enhancing their overall health and well being with useful tips.

Grocery stores want your loyalty. At e-Pricebook, we say: Make them pay for it every day.