Saving You Both Time and Money!

The Problem We Solve

e-Pricebook is a proprietary list of grocery items, common to most shoppers, located at major grocery stores in our current service area. Our periodic e-Pricebook compiles best-of product prices to help you shop smart and reliably save, between 25% to 40% off of your weekly grocery bill. We all want to save money at the grocery store, but who of us has time to pore over store circulars and coupon offers every week? e-Pricebook's philosophy is simple. Access to current pricing information saves consumers money at the grocery store. We are passionate consumer advocates, committed to supplying you an easy-to-digest price summary consistently empowering you over the retailer at the checkout register.

We embrace a "don't-put-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket" approach to grocery shopping. You diversify your 401(k), right? That's our philosophy too. By diversifying your grocery shopping dollars among several stores, we help you maximize your grocery savings, every week. Are milk, bread and frozen vegetables cheaper across the street? That's worth an extra stop to pick up those cost savings. e-Pricebook's current pricing information helps guide your purchasing decisions so you don't have to passively accept the inflated prices stores regularly offer.

Forget loyalty to a single grocery store; they're feasting on high grocery prices and your food budget. With e-Pricebook you have the advantage of cherry-picking your grocery store, selecting for purchase only products that you want to buy with the best available price, from hundreds of choices. With e-Pricebook's beyond-the-circular pricing information, grocers can't sway your purchasing decisions with clever marketing displays, BOGOs or cents-off coupons because you already know which are the best deals. You are empowered to save yourself more without the time investment and hassle of coupon clipping and price circular scanning. Every grocery store wants your loyalty, as that loyalty has a very real market value, and isn't to be frittered away. At e-Pricebook, we help you make grocery stores pay you for your loyalty every day. If you're fed up with out-of-control grocery prices, choose a better way to reliably save yourself time and money at the grocery store.


How We Do It

It's brains + braun! For the most part, it's good old fashioned leg work. But we do leverage a powerful fact: Diversification reduces cost and risk in many of our life choices; it's why we don't put our eggs all in one basket. This truth also improves the investment return we see in our 401(k)'s. Regarding groceries, it's a natural force on the side of the consumer when we diversify the number of stores we choose to patronize.

e-Pricebook has an army of people just like you who are in local grocery stores every day seeking to provide well for their families at the lowest possible cost. A legion of these folks collect and record grocery prices charged by specific retailers on our behalf. We collect and assemble that local pricing information and periodically distribute it, enabling you to make the best possible grocery shopping decisions. Remember . . . Never go before you know! We're here to help you make that happen for your family.